Top Espresso Machines Below $1000

The quest for the top of the line espresso machines ends here. Or, rather, for many it actually begins. We’ve been through a whole slew of interesting models, all with similar functionality but various design choices to make your life a bit easier. Now we come to the highest of price tiers, barring those that go beyond $1K mark (we figure you know your way around an espresso if you’re willing to drop over $1000 on a machine). Today, we’ll see what’s the best espresso machine under $1000!

Of these choices, only the best were picked. Around this price tier are industry standard models used by professionals, experienced baristas, or enthusiasts who demand their espresso be nothing but absolutely perfect.

Table : Espresso Machines Under $1000

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3. Rancilio Silvia Espresso

rancilio-silvia-espressoStarting us off on the journey for primo caffeine laced drinks is the Silvia espresso machine, an espresso maker composed of steel and iron for lifelong durability. This hefty number belongs in the bowels of a high demand coffee shop, what with its bulk size and ability to deliver hot drinks in convenient time frames. Definitely something that can handle the demand.

There’s a lot this machine can do, though might require the expertise of a practiced barista to get the best out of it. For instance, the steam wand is pressure and direction sensitive, meaning it adjusts based on how it’s used. Most espresso machines just have a standard, one-pressure-serves-all dispense, but not so. A small change than previous listings, but adjustable pressure truly allows for customizable, personal drink preferences.

It’s also worth noting this a non-automatic espresso machine. All processes are manual, in terms of switches flipped and work done. No “one button and go” here. Which is fine, because again, this gives the user far more control in how they like their hot brew.

Be prepared for bulk too. We weren’t kidding when this fellow was meant for heavy duty work. It’s about 30 pounds by itself, easily, with a large flat head for warming multiple drinks and a large reservoir for a multitude of mug sizes. The only thing it isn’t big on is how much water it olds, which is a bit less than 1 liter.

Lastly, most report to get the best use its good to invest in a decent grinder. That goes without saying, many espresso machines are reliant on quality grind and other non-included products. At the least, the Silvia comes with its own tamper.

Production with lasting quality is what you’re paying for here. While no, it’s not designed for convenience, it’s a veteran machine that still holds with the best of them, and anyone with a love of good espresso will find the Silvia delivers.



2. DeLonghi ECAM22110SB

delonghi-ecam22110sbOur next choice rolls in with an entirely opposite spectrum of features: compact and automatic. Where the Silvia was all about heavy duty size and manual features, the DeLohnghi compact is an ergonomic, easier-to-use machine.

Now that isn’t to suggest you’re missing out on key features because a different size was chosen. The Compact comes with an assortment of options to extract quality tasting brew from your grind. An example is its built in filtration system. If you ever felt like tap water had an adverse effect on the flavor of your espresso, the Compact boasts a removal of those unwanted minerals. Is the taste altered that severely? Perhaps only the purest can say, although it’s a nice feature in general. All this makes it one of the most popular espresso machines under $1000.

Much of the manual work is taken out here versus our first choice. Instead, the Compact wants to get you that amazing cappuccino or latte automatically. In order to do that, though, programming is required, and that can take some doing. While a few button presses will get you the delicious espresso you desire, it might not be the “perfect” cup. Yes, the Compact froths milk automatically, comes with a built in burr grinder for a fresher taste, and consistently delivers a hot brew without fail. But, you have to be comfortable with the machine handling the work. If you’re someone who likes manual control every step of the way, this might not be the choice for you.

For everyone else though, this is pretty top notch. With a fully automatic service which can be adjusted carefully, the grunt work of creating a hot cup is decreased dramatically. This is definitely for the home enthusiast, as you can imagine adjusting all those options in a café environment would be a total headache.



1. Breville BES870XL

breville-bes870xlOur final pick of the best espresso machine under $1000 comes back to Breville, a name you’re likely familiar with at this point. The Barista Express is a functional, professional machine for – as you might have guessed – baristas in mind. It’s a quasi-meeting of industry standard features mixed with the practicality of a home model, all to deliver the tastiest espresso.

What the Express offers you is size and functionality. If it’s not already apparent, it’s a big fellow, able to hold up to 2L of water for constant caffeine delivery, equipped with a host of strong features. One of our favorites is its included conical burr grinder, where you can deliver your choice of espresso straight to the machine. Said grinder has its own sensitivity settings as well, allowing the user to adjust the fineness of their grind.

Equipped with a steam wand for milk frothing, you’ve got some other features for the perfect brew. Simple one-button presses let you choose between single/double shots of espresso, coupled by its water filter to assure you’ve got the purest taste possible. For those who like bigger mugs or might have a particular choice for mug sizes, there’s plenty of space below the nozzle too.

Oh, what’s that, you’re a fan of the automatic espresso? No problem. While some of our choices have had manual input and some in depth tweaking, the Express allows for programmable options. Perhaps you found that perfect blend of grind, temperature, flavor, and crema. Replicating that is no longer a matter of chance, since you can program all the input settings which creating your delicious brew.

The Express doesn’t leave you without many utilities either. Measurements for your grinds are available, including weight and capacity. You’ve also got tampers and a cleaning kit to make sure the Express doesn’t deliver gunk on the next brew. It’s everything an enthusiast or professional would love, all at a price that’s pretty fair.



Final Thoughts

We’ve finally made it to the end of our caffeine crazy journey. Espresso is a brew beloved and many enthusiasts desire the finest taste possible. Some don’t like the hassle of flying off to your nearest coffee place to whip up a latte, and some just love crafting their own drink. These espresso machines, from starter brands to high performance machines, all help deliver a hardly flavored drink. They help add a personal touch. So when you get that primo flavored drink, you’ll know it was all you. If you didn’t find perfect espresso machine here, why don’t you check out our lists of Espresso Machines Below $100 or Below $500?

We hope these quick lists help you discover your own delightful espresso, and may your mornings be lazed with pleasant aromas, the craftiest cappuccinos, and the most excellent of espressos.


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