My Favorite Commercial Espresso Machines

If you are planning on starting your coffee shop business and you took care of everything else before tackling down the most important part of your endeavor – espresso machine, then I honestly advise you to continue reading because this article might just help you make up your mind!

In other words, I am going to list out some of the best espresso machines that are ready for commercial use. With this being said, don’t expect any cheap machines on this list because, as the title suggests, all of them are meant for commercial use in, for example, coffee shops, restaurants and such.

With this being said, I will cut the introduction short and jump straight to business…


4. Delonghi ECAM28465M

delonghi-ecam28465mDelonghi made a real masterpiece with their newest fully automatic espresso machine, but not so much with its name. The ECAM28465M is not something you can easily remember, but its appearance and features are there to compensate for that.

As I already stated above, I am talking about a fully automatic espresso machine which means there’s not much hassle to go around when brewing shots. Truth be told, it only has 1 group head and that might be a bit of a problem if you are in need of multiple ones… but despite that, it is still a great choice for commercial use; let’s see why…

Key features

Without a single doubt, it is pretty clear that the main selling point of this espresso machine is the fact that it offers fully automatic experience that doesn’t compensate shot quality. As such, the learning curve is quite low which means you will be making barista quality coffee beverages in no time.

Some of its key features are as follows: removable 2-liter water tank, digital display with multiple choice of languages, single touch latte cream system and a pretty darn big burr grinder on top of the machine. Combine that with its sturdy frame made out of stainless steel, adjustable temperatures, LED display with simple touch gestures and adjustable water hardness; and you got yourself a competitor for the best price/performance espresso machine currently available on the market.


After reading all of those features in paragraph above, you must be wondering: “Oh boy, I bet this thing is as expensive as that La Pavoni machine…” … It’s not!

You can get Delonghi’s ECAM28465M for about $2500 which is, if you ask me, quite the bargain considering what it can do for your coffee shop business!



3. Pasquini Livia 90 Semiautomatic

pasquini-livia-90-semiautomaticPasquini Livia 90 Semi automatic Commercial Espresso/Cappuccino Machine will not cost you a whopping 4 grand… Nope! It won’t even cost half of that! On the contrary. This little fella can be all yours for somewhere around $1000 which is a true bargain compared to La Pavoni’s espresso-making beast. Even though it only has 1 group head, it is still a viable choice for coffee shop use since its sturdy build can withstand such constant use.

Key features

As you can conclude from its name, the Pasquini Livia 90 is a semi-automatic espresso machine suited for commercial use. It features 1.5 liters’ dual heat exchange boilers which are able to brew and produce steam both at the same time. It is also important to add its 15 BAR pump which provides excellent pressure that will make the extraction just perfect. In addition to all of this, it also has the usual features that are a part of every espresso machine suited for commercial use, such as drip tray, steam knob and wand and a removable water tank.



2. La Pavoni PUB 1V-R

la-pavoni-pub-1v-rIf you are really serious about your coffee shop, then there Is no doubt that at one point in time, you will need one of these bad boys. La Pavoni PUB 1V-R – 1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine will make all your coffee dreams come true with its AMAZING espresso shots. It comes as no surprise considering that it has everything a best commercial espresso machine should have…


This bad boy has 1500 watts of power combined with a microprocessor and a digital control pad on the front. Its 6 ½ liter copper boiler and an oversized filter holder can withstand brewing of 6 expressos’ at once. In addition to all of this, La Pavoni PUB 1V-R – 1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine also features steam knob along with a wand and hot water jet… but that’s not all. It also has an 8-liter water softener which comes with an installation kit included in the package.


As you can see from everything that I just listed, La Pavoni PUB 1V-R – 1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine is a top quality piece of espresso brewing equipment, which is why it is commonly known as the Ferrari of espresso machines… But then again, it costs almost as much as a Ferarri, coming in at around $4000.



1. Breville BES980XL Oracle

breville-bes980xl-oracleLet’s start off by saying that Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine is most likely the most commonly used espresso machine worldwide. Breville not only set the standards for home espresso machines but are also for the commercial ones as well. This comes as no surprise as the company pays great attention to their products which are always considered among the best ones on the market. Reason behind this is surely their newest product which has everything a top notch espresso machine needs… and more!

With its dual stainless steel boilers, dual Italian pumps, customizable shot temperature, excellent build quality, conical burr grinder, automatic purge and so on, it shows that it means business in every aspect of the game!


The entire product breathes excellence, which of course, comes with a spicy price. Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine will put you back for around $2000… Compared to other similar products on the market, that price is not that big of an issue, especially if you take into consideration that this is a proven brand of top quality espresso machines.


The biggest advantage of this product when compared to its predecessors is the introduction of grinder (on the top side of the machine) along with an adjustable tamper which helps with pressure regulation. Another interesting fact is that it features small screens on the front which display the current brewing settings. Of course, these are all adjustable via its default menu (yup, Breville BES980XL comes with a microprocessor) so you can tamper with the settings as long as you want.




Well guys, that is pretty much it when it comes to the best espresso machines suitable for commercial use! This list was handpicked by me and that is exactly why I sincerely hope that you have made up your mind after reading this article and that I managed to help you with that difficult decision. As you could see from the paragraphs above, you will have to make quite a bit of a cut into your budget when buying your espresso machine but, then again, it is the most important part of a coffee shop business and as such, it is not to be taken lightly. Even if you are thinking of forming a small coffee shop or you already own a big, successful one, the machines that I have featured in this article will greatly improve your customer’s experience, and will make them come back to you for another one of those amazing espresso shots… CHEERS!


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